Cowichan Valley Football Association

Volunteer Staff


Board of Directors

All of our staff is made up of volunteers. Everyone has different skills, and amounts of time which we can devote outside of our usual lives. We hold an annual meeting whereby you are invited to participate in voting or running for various positions on the Board. For a detailed listing of job descriptions contact any one of the current Board members.

Our regular meetings are held monthly and are open to any parent that wants to sit and participate.


Coaching Staff

Although our organization is run by volunteers, we require that our Head Coaches have their minimum Level 1 Coaching Certificate.  The Bulldogs will arrange this for you if you are interested. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for this information.

All coaches, managers and board members must have a Criminal Record Check. Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Trainers are encouraged to consistently upgrade their skills by attending workshops and clinics.  CVFA will pay the cost of these clinics.

The CVFA Board of Directors assigns the Head Coaches for each team and the Head Coach then appoints the assistant staff. Coaching staff have a duty to listen to a player/parent concerns and to address these concerns in a respectful manner. If there is a serious matter with a player or parent, this matter is then brought to the Board of Directors.

Coaches will respect the decisions of the Trainer regarding an injured player’s ability to go back into a game or practice. In order to provide a safe environment for the players, the Head Coach will decide on the positions played each game.

Team Managers

The main responsibilities of the Team Manager are communications and organization:

  •  Managers take attendance for practices and games
  •  Liase with parents and coaches (passing names of volunteers to the volunteer coordinator when necessary)
  •  Provide Team with phone list and game schedule
  •  Phone players before each game and if there are any schedule changes or practice changes
  •  Arrange for Commissioner for home games (locate parent volunteer from parents)
  •  Help organize volunteers initial schedule for home games set up and tear down (note:  Once the schedule has been finalized, it is the parents responsibility to find coverage for their shifts if they cannot attend.)


Trainers will always ‘err’ on the side of caution. If your child is injured and must be removed from a game or practice, the Trainer may then request a note from the doctor to give permission for that player to safely return to the field.  Be prepared to bring a note in all cases of a suspected concussion, a doctor must  clear your child before return to play.  This is for the sole benefit of your child as we will never treat concussions, even mild ones, lightly. Trainers are on the field for each game and practice.  It is the Trainer’s responsibility to notify other trainers or managers of their absence so that there is a presence on the field.  A game may be forfieted if a trainer isn’t available at game time. Trainers Duties include:

  • Notifying coaches of any injuries
  • Assessing injuries, providing care and making decisions to return the player to the field or not
  • Provide ice for every game and practice in case of injury
  • Documenting injuries

The decision for a player to return to play is between the player, the player’s parent and the Trainer; in more serious injuries the Doctor will have the final word by providing a note clearing the player. Injuries at practice:  Unless the injury prevents it, the player will be expected to stand on the field with the squad so that they can hear the coach’s instructions, plans, plays, etc  Unless the injury prevents it, the player will be expected to participate with the squad in endurance building exercises, such as push-ups and sit-ups.

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