Cowichan Valley Football Association


2018 Fall Season:

Pee-Wee (ages 9 – 11)

  • Doug “Opie” Williams: Head Coach –
  • Bill Bright: Assistant Coach
  • Marla Bossons: Team Manager – 

Junior Bantam (ages 12-13)

  • Ted Harris: Head Coach – 
  • Scott Reithaug: Assistant Coach
  • Marlo Laughren: Team Manager – 

Bantam (ages 14-15)

  • PJ Shea: Head Coach – 
  • Steve Bowler: Assistant Coach
  • Jaymee Shea: Team Manager – 

 Midget (ages 16 – 18)

  • Mike Williams: Head Coach – 
  • Tim Maertz: Assistant  Coach
  • Erin Young: Team Manager – 

See also:

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