Cowichan Valley Football Association

Parent Volunteers

The Cowichan Valley Football Association is a volunteer run organization. We rely solely one the efforts of parents and volunteers (parent volunteers) to make the organization functional and viable. We need YOUR help whenever you feel you can offer your time and skills. There are a variety of ways for you to be involved. In most cases we are happy to provide all the training you will require. Volunteering is a great way to be involved in the program your child participates in. It is also a great way to meet new people. Please take the time to look over the various tasks and decide what you can do to help make your children’s football program better. Here are the critical activities we need your support in. Most require very little time and most can involve the whole family.

Why do I need to submit Volunteer and Fundraising Bond Cheques ?

Every family who has a child or children registered in CVFA must submit both a Volunteer and a Fundraising cheque in an amounts of $100 each. Without the help of volunteers for games and fundraising, the cost to operate CVFA would be substantially higher. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our fees low. Volunteers and fundraising events are essential for our association and games could be forfeited without certain positions being filled. In our experience, most of our family members enjoy the time they spend volunteering and fundraising with CVFA and also the time spent with their child/loved one; however, some would not perform any volunteer activity if we did not penalize them financially. Therefore it is the only way we can keep our organization running with the resources we have available to us.

Volunteer Positions needed for each game

PLAY COUNTER The play counter is required to arrive 10 minutes before the game begins on the player side of the field. You will be counting plays with a parent from the other team to ensure that each child gets a minimum of 10 plays. One person calls out the jersey numbers and one person records them.  The play counter then signs the play counter sheet.

CONCESSION Concessions are not only a good source of fundraising, but offer a service to the visiting team and their fans. Each CVFA team must provide 3 volunteers for their home games to work the concession. Volunteers will be helping in the concession to prepare and sell food. Instructions for duties will be available in the concession and from the last shift and or concession managers.

STICKS/SETUP TAKE DOWN There is a requirement that each home team provide 3 volunteers to work the yard markers and chains for each home game. Each CVFA team must provide 3 volunteers for their home game. No experience necessary. Each team averages 4 home games and you have the best seats in the house.  It is a easy job and there will always be an experienced person there to help. STICKS:   Please be at the field 10 minutes before kick off to have everything ready for the game. You will be holding the sticks that identify the down and ball position.  The referee will direct you throughout the game. SETUP/TAKE DOWN:  For first game of the day, when you drop off your player for warm up, please do field setup.  All the field markers and pads for the goalposts are in the room under the announcer’s booth. The player benches are in the electrical room. You will need a key from a coach or board member to move the field posts into position. The sponsor banners are in the shack and need to be hung on the fences.  If you are the last game of the day, please move field posts back, put benches away, banners in shack and all markers in the room under the announcer’s booth.

COMMISSIONER There needs to be 1 person per game to keep track of the home and visitor scores, the name and number of players on both teams that made the score, any major penalties along with #of the player.

The referee will call out these offenses and if you are unsure whether to record or not just ask the referee.  The Commissioner stands at 50 yd line on player side of the field. You will need to get the commissioner sheets from the manager and hand back to her after the game. *If you are in the concession for the 1st half, please start your shift 20 minutes before the game or at the end of the prior game, and end at the beginning of half time.  Second half volunteers begin at the beginning of halftime until the next shift arrives or clean up if it is the last game of the day. *Play off games will also need volunteers and will be scheduled when we know dates and times of the games. *Please notify your team manager that you have arrived for your shift and when you have completed your shift to ensure return of your volunteer deposit cheque.