Cowichan Valley Football Association

Your kid may never handle the ball – and it’s OK!


If you come from other ball/puck based, and goal oriented sports, you’re probably used to the fact that at some point your child will touch the basketball, puck, or soccer ball.  With a limited number of people on the court, field or ice essentially doing the same athletic movements it’s inevitable that at some point there is going to be contact between your child and the implement of play. It’s a slam dunk guarantee in baseball where everyone, regardless of their position, gets a turn at bat.   In football – not so much.

Now, there is nothing sinister about this fact, it’s just reality. Of the 24 positions on a field (12 on offense and 12 on defense) at any time during a game – only 7 of them are designed to carry or receive the ball. Plus, at the younger levels, anyone tagged with a “receiver” position is infinitely less likely to get any love from the ball than someone with a “running back” position.

This does not mean that the positions with less ball handling are less or not important.   That running back will be going nowhere unless the offensive line does it’s thing, and does it well, and unless everyone with a defensive position works hard, your team is going to get a lot of points scored against it.

All positions in football are each a important link in a well oiled chain.

In short, football has many positions that are so disparate that we need all sorts of body types in order to play this game. That is the beauty of our sport, but please understand that more than 2/3’s of the players on the field are not supposed to get the ball unless a fumble or interception is at hand. Your child may be one of them but he/she still has an important job to do to ensure the teams success, so don’t worry if they “get no touches” during a game.

Really! – It’s OK.