Cowichan Valley Football Association

Baby, it’s cold outside – and it’s OK!

With apologies to Dean Martin that statement is true as can be in these northern climes. Football is a sport that is played. – plain and simple.  Only extreme cold (like minus 30 type stuff) or electrical storms are supposed to stop the playing of it.  Also – contrary to the way most City Recreation Departments operate their field usage – you’re supposed to
play in the rain too.

This is hard for many people to wrap their minds around  and believe me, we in the sport know how unpleasant it can be out there in our province, but again that is one of the beautiful things about our sport. You are not going to melt if you get rained on, and you won’t freeze either in the snow.

Sports like baseball have to cancel in the rain because you cannot see or grip the ball properly in a downpour and that gets dangerous. Not in football!  Nope, we can play it in any conditions!

In a small way it’s a great learning experience to have to do something hard (i.e. laying down a block) in adverse conditions (i.e. rain). With so many character building opportunities being removed from the youth of today this is one we’re proud to remain with our sport. Plus, you need to understand that strategy learned in practice is infinitely more important in football than it is in more free flowing sports such as basketball or hockey. Therefore, your kid needs to BE THERE, or don’t even dream of complaining about lack of playing time.

Now, rest assured that on cold days most teams or leagues will take it upon themselves to provide heaters on the sidelines for players, and coaches will properly instruct the players on how to dress for the cold.  As well, yes, the fields do get harder and possibly icy when they freeze, but correspondingly the speed at which the game gets
played slows down along with the force of the hitting.

Remember, the players are wearing the best equipment to deal with contact that is available, and that includes contact with the ground.  Therefore, know that unless you’re notified in advance all practice and games will take place as scheduled come rain, sleet, snow and wind. Buy that umbrella and stock up on hand warmers early – because we live in British Columbia, not California.
Really! – It’s OK.