Cowichan Valley Football Association

Football Pool Fundraiser 2016

Winning ticket numbers will be posted by 10:00am each Thursday morning following the week’s games. Check back after September 12 for the results from the first week.

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The Pro Football Pool

Participants will have an opportunity to purchase tickets at a cost of $20 for weekly cash prizes during the entire Pro Football season. Each ticket will allow for 3 randomly pre-selected new teams per week. Scores from the 3 teams will be added together to get a weekly total. The 5 highest total scores will win a prize.
There are 32 Pro Football Teams. When all combinations are added together a mathematical ticket total of 4,960 is arrived at. Only sold tickets are activated and eligible for prizes.

Winners will be posted here each week

General Information:

  • Each ticket has a unique combination of 3 Pro Football teams per week
  • Tickets are printed with 3 randomly pre-selected teams per week
  • Winning tickets are determined by the total points scored for your 3 teams appearing on your ticket for the corresponding Pro Football week
  • Prizes will be awarded weekly to the 5 highest total scores
  • Each ticket is active for all 17 regular season Pro Football weeks, September to January — 85 chances to win!


  • Each week add the total points scored for the 3 teams listed on your ticket.
  • Week 1 begins Thurs. Sep. 8 and ends Mon. Sep. 12.
  • The ticket with the highest points for, will win that week’s first prize, next highest points total will determine subsequent prize winners for that week.
  • A tie in any given week will use points for minus points against to determine a winner between all tied tickets.
  • Any remaining ties will split the prize money for the subsequent prize won.
  • If one of your 3 teams has a bye for the week, use the score from that team’s previous game.
  • Results will be posted on the Cowichan Valley Football Association website by 10:00am each Thursday morning following the week’s games.
  • Weekly prizes will be awarded to the official ticket holder as listed in our system as determined at the time of purchase.
  • Winners will be contacted and will be given instructions on how to receive the prize.
  • Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee.
  • Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older.

Neither Athletix Canada Fundraising Inc., the fundraising organizations, nor the football pool are approved by, authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by, or in any other manner associated with, the National Football League, its member teams, its affiliates or licensees.

for more information and weekly updates to the pool please go to: