Cowichan Valley Football Association

Football BC Post-Camp Message

From Coach Dino Geremia, 2014 Team BC May Long Weekend Camp Coordinator:

2014teambcmaycamp-photo2The provincial camp held over this past long weekend was a testament to the players and coaches in the province. It serves as a highlight for football in British Columbia when our players are being coached by the best coaches in our provinces, as well as current and former pros.

It truly is bringing together all levels of football by having our University coaches alongside our Junior, high school and community coaches for the common goal of making our players better. Led by our provincial team head coaches Jay Prepchuk, Nick Kawaza and Sean Roden, it was mission accomplished this past weekend for that goal.

Seeing current and former pros giving back to local football was also a tremendous part of this weekend. We’d like to thank Angus Reid, Will Loftus and Bo Palmer for coming out.

The amount of interest shown by universities across the country further establishes the high level of football being played at our youth levels.

This busy and intense training camp weekend not only helps our players grow in confidence on the field but off the field as well. Having all our presenters emphasize the importance of academics and character in the pursuit of a young players’ dreams was a key take away message.

We’d like to thank all the Universities that came out to support our camp, meet our players and showed them the many opportunities that are out there for them.

University of British Columbia

University of Alberta

University of Calgary

University of Manitoba

university of Guelph

University of Western Ontario

Carleton University

Simon Fraser University (in the capacity they were permitted as per NCAA regulations)

Regardless of whether you make it on to one of our provincial teams or not, all players that attended this camp should know that you have already represented your province well by the effort and dedication you have put into this camp.

We hope all of you will use this camp as a motivator to train a little more, study with more focus and build your character.

From Coach Jeff McDonald, Cowichan Football Coaching Coordinator:

The field of players was extremely tough and close. Making or not making the team at this level is not about skill, you have already proved that. It is what the coaches are looking for in their schemes and if it is a right fit for their playbooks. I would not want their jobs right now. Everyone of you had highlights and proved that you belong at that level. For me was the highlight of seeing some of you mingle with the University Coaches. Everyone of you should be proud, the outcome is second to the experience. I can humbly say it was a pleasure to tell folks that I coached you and I look fwd to many seasons coaching you again. Buckle down study hard, Train hard. You guys have a glimpse of what comes next, and I don’t mean Team BC.

Coach Jeff

Setting a goal is not the main thing.
It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.
Tom Landry
(1924-2000, former American football player and coach)