Cowichan Valley Football Association

Concussion Policy

Recently there has been some confusion about our concussion policy.  This is just to clarify what we need from parents/guardians for their child to return safely to playing football.


[box title=”Concussions” color=”#333333″]In the case of a suspected concussion, Cowichan Bulldogs trainers are taught to always ‘err’ on the side of caution. If your child is injured and must be removed from a game or practice, the Trainer will then require a note from the doctor to give permission for that player to safely return to the field.  If the physician clears your child of a concussion, the note must state clearly that there is no concussion.

If there is indeed a concussion: TWO notes will be required.  The first one will be for permission to start a graduated return to play.  After graduated return to play is complete, a second visit to a Dr will be required for a note clearing your child for return to normal play.

Be prepared to bring a note in all cases of a suspected concussion, a doctor must clear your child before a graduated return to play.  (see 6 Steps to return to play on our Concussions page) This is for the sole benefit of your child, as we will never treat concussions, even mild ones, lightly. [/box]