Cowichan Valley Football Association

2016 VICFA Update

The fall Island league will consist of the following teams:

Campbell River
Nanaimo Community
Nanaimo Fairview
Nanaimo Harewood
Victoria Spartans
Greater Victoria

Motions made last night when going over the house rules at the meeting.

1.  Central Referee Coordinator to schedule all referees for scheduled games, all organizations  will submit referees names phone numbers and emails to VICFA president  asap to provide to Murray Clarke who has offered to take this task on.  Each organization will be responsible to pay referees at the game or upon receipt of an invoice  from the referee coordinator.

2.  12 man football and 9 man options, teams can declare 9 man if insufficient player numbers.  Teams may choose not to declare for provincials.  Some teams have already indicated that.  If a team wins the Island, they play off for provincial title, or forfiet to the highest seeded team that is willing to  play 12 man 3 down football in provincial play-downs and championship. Will be held in Langley.

3. Minimum plays per player no matter what the team size it 10 plays as per BCCFA rulebook.

4.  There was also a change to player/coach ejection rule:

A. a coach ejected from a game for any combination of personal or objectionable conduct will serve a one game suspension at the next scheduled game.

B.   A player ejected 2 games for any combination of personal or objectionable conduct will serve a one game suspension at the next scheduled game. If the same player recieved a 3rd game ejection further disciplinary action will be enforced

5.  Change to game commisioner job,  the game commisioner has the ability through the head referee to give bench warning or penalties .  This will be at the discretion of the head referee upon conversation between the game commisioner and head referee. This must be written on the game commisioner  report.

6. Peewee rules

A. Peewee only will be allowed to have one coach on the field during the season for games.
B. Peewee extra point no snap required on the kicked convert ball will be placed on the 20 yard line and line of scrimmage on the 5 yards line.
C. Peewee 3rd down punting – teams will have the option to punt or a 30 yard march off.

All of these were motioned, discussed in length and voted on by members all were passed upon the vote

New house rules will be updated and sent out to the VICFA Members to finalize then shared to all members as soon as possible.

We are all in agreement at the table last night that this is the first year the island is all playing under VICFA again and we need to be flexible and fair to grow island football. This is a learning year and we can improve in years to come.

BCCFA.format_png.resize_200xCindy Bowles
VICFA Island Rep
vicfainformation [at] gmail [dot] com
250 516 3979